CritiCool - Therapeutic Hypothermia System

MTRE offers the non- invasive device for Cooling Therapy. 
An innovative treatment for cardiac arrest, acute stroke, traumatic brain injury, acute myocardial infraction and sepsis, Cooling Therapy addresses the need for Neuroprotection by cooling the brain. 

The concept of neuro-protection by hypothermia has taken a giant step into the future.

The protective effects of hypothermia are due to:

  • Reduction of cerebral metabolism, oxygen consumption, and glucose demand
  • Slowing of the destructive neuroexitatory process
  • Decrease of free radical production
  • Stabilization of the blood-brain-barrier
  • Reduction of the inflammatory process

MTRE’s Cooling Systems consist of the following elements:

  • Specially designed garments, the CureWrap™, obtain maximum thermal efficiency. It  achieve high heat transfer by 3-dimensional surface coverage. 

    The CureWrap™ is constructed of flexible yet durable materials in view of well being and comfort - for both the patient and the treating personnel. CureWrap is available in various designs and sizes, ranging from infants toadults. 

  • Control Unit – CritiCool™  is a microprocessor-controlled temperature management unit.

    Using feedback from the patient’s core and skin temperature sensors, the proprietary control algorithm responds by modifying water temperature such that patient target temperature will be achieved precisely. 

    This achieves management of patient body temperature in a non-invasive, effective andprecise manner.


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