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Vscan Extend
Intuitive touchscreen interface
Integration with WiFi networks
DICOM®-based documentation and reporting

GE knows that fast, confident decisions can enhance your productivity and improve patient outcomes. So Vscan Extend builds on the legacy of the original Vscan system to empower you to expedite workflow and make quick assessments and treatment decisions on the spot. 

This anytime, anywhere (verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities including during transport) solution offers exceptional clinical flexibility, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and seemless integration with hospitals’ wireless networks and DICOM®-based documentation and reporting. With Vscan Extend, the first GE ultrasound system to leverage an app-ecosystem enabled by GE Marketplace, you can enhance your practice by downloading measurements and protocols to customize your device . 

Vscan Extend's care area solutions:


1. Point of Care

Vscan Extend is small enough to have the system, including the dual probe, in your pocket. So you never have to go looking for another ultrasound system to make that critical decision.



Vscan Extend is easy to learn, making it your simple, portable solution for diagnostic clarity in the field or at the bedside.

    • Under Your Thumb – Using Vscan Extend feels like using your smartphone. Tap and swipe your way through simple screens.

  • Vscan Extend Apps – Bladder volume is a snap with auto-suggested caliper placements. Guided examination simplifies the lung assessment for you.
  • Easy to Clean – The probe, cable and system are one piece, making confident cleaning easy.



We designed Vscan Extend for speed in the clinical encounter, empowering you with immediate access to important information on-the-go.

    • Dual Probe – Linear and sector transducers are always connected and always with you. There is no need to go find the system and untangle the probes. 

    • Rapid Power-On – The system will start in less than 10 seconds from standby.

    • Connect Fast – Seamless image storage and data transfer connects Vscan Extend to your workflow.



With Vscan Extend you can put precision in your pocket, helping you take decisive action, refer patients quickly, optimize the course of treatment and reduce the overall cost of care.

    • Great Images – Vscan Extend leverages Vscan’s proven image quality and comes with a larger screen size.

    • Enhance Your Expertise – Vscan Extend lets you add ultrasound to your bedside assessment to improve confidence in critical moments.

  • Seamless Documentation – Review images at-the-bedside or use wireless DICOM® data transfer to connect to your standard imaging workflow.


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2. Cardiology 


Power to Connect - Vscan Extend seamlessly integrates with the hospital’s wireless network and DICOM-based documentation and reporting.

You can:

    • Link with patient ID provided by DICOM modality worklist, and upload wirelessly to DICOM PACS.

    • Provide consultation and second opinion via images shared through cloud-based TricefyTM.

    • Wirelessly export images in generic form to shared network folders.

  • Enjoy compatibility with ViewPointTM 6 software and its integrated EchoPACTM suite.


Power to Personalize - Download apps fromt he GE Marketplace to expand diagnostic ability and fit the care areas you serve. 

    • Vscan Extend leverages the GE Marketplace, which enables an apps ecosystem providing software plug-ins and app updates.

    • Specialized apps include a lung protocol to evaluate thoracic images and assess heart failure patients.

  • Tricefy Uplink app enables the interface for seamless image upload.


Power to Enhance Workflow Efficiency - Get quality images fast whenever and wherever needed: Immediate access to device in pocket.

    • New touchscreen delivering higher dynamic range gray-scale and richer color image.

    • Ability to read patient IDs from worklist and document images with one keystroke; immediate transfer with wireless connection.

  • Thumb-controllable user interface that accommodates left- and right-handed users; easy to adjust in one hand while holding the probe with the other.


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